Recognized around the Globe Genuine Lishi Tools Impress Time and Again!

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Thank you for visiting the Genuine Lishi official website! Recognized as the best Vehicle Opening tool brand in the world, Genuine Lishi is highly sought after among professional locksmiths around the globe.

Backed by our unrivalled LIFETIME GUARANTEE against manufacturing faults you know that when you order a Genuine Lishi tool you are getting guaranteed quality, durability, and manufacturing with care and precision.

All Genuine Lishi Tools are produced under our direct control to ensure perfect quality every time. We have no association whatsoever with inferior tools or brands trying to pretend they are the Genuine Lishi Brand. Our Genuine Lishi Logo is your GUARANTEE of quality.

Once you have selected and purchased your Genuine Lishi tool, all you have to do is Register it using its unique serial number and you will activate not only the LIFETIME GUARANTEE but a number of other fantastic benefits that come with your purchase.

The Genuine Lishi brand is trusted by professionals because each of our tools gets the job done quickly and without any damage, allowing you to work with confidence. The tools are developed to protect the door lock and vehicle and leave no sign of ever being used unlike other vehicle opening tools on the market. Not to mention that each of our tools is developed specifically for speed and most Genuine Lishi tools will get the job done in under 3 minutes.

Each of the Genuine Lishi tools is manufactured from high grade Stainless Steel which ensures that they are made to last. Designed to fit into the lock smoothly and to press the lock wafers gently it leaves no sign of ever being used. Though the lock tools are developed to be tough and outlast all others on the market today they are gentle enough to work with even the most delicate locks.

The Genuine Lishi tools range offers everything from the latest Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted Tools, their predecessor the Genuine Lishi 2in1’s, a variety of high quality and durable Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders, and much more. Choose from among a number of fantastic Genuine Lishi Picks designed to be stronger and better balanced for comfort as well as our impressive Genuine Lishi Vice which will give you real life experience in your shop as you train with your new tools.

And check out the Revolutionary new Patented NIGHT VISION range.

For those that are just now investing in their first Genuine Lishi tools we highly recommend you consider one of our Genuine Lishi User Guides and Training Manuals which will help you master your new tools on an expert level. Written by locksmith experts they offer not only step by step guides but also fantastic tips and tricks to help you work faster and better with your new tools.

The Genuine Lishi Tools range is continuously growing and our training materials are updated accordingly so as to always have the right lock tool for the latest car makes and models. We are the brand that features a variety of high quality auto locksmith tools covering nearly all car makes and models. Visit often to see what the latest releases are.

Genuine Lishi is the registered trademark of UAP TradeLocks.

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