Genuine Lishi NightVision Lights Up Yankee!

Last weekend locksmiths and security professionals in the US had their first chance to review NightVision and the Genuine Lishi Marketing package at the popular Yankee expo. And what a hugely positive it was for Genuine Lishi NightVision, with locksmiths admiring the technological advance of our products and also the fantastic Lifetime Guarantee we offer with each and every tool!

Yankee show photo
The feedback we have received has been tremendous, and we really appreciated the thumbs up to the things we have been doing to make the life of the Auto locksmith easier in the field. Genuine Lishi NightVision was demonstrated at The Locksmith Store booth, where customers could also register to download the new FREE Genuine Lishi App which is designed to make tool selection easy.

Over the weekend, we had over 300 sign ups to our Website and App, mainly from the US, which confirms the popularity of our product offer! Genuine Lishi Nightvision has been designed to make the life of the Auto Locksmith easier by helping read the grids in dim and no lighting areas. But Genuine Lishi Nightvision also has many other upgrades!

What most people didn’t realise is that our Patented NightVision tools have almost all been updated and re-developed from their non NightVision relatives meaning even more models are covered than previously. We were also pleased we got positive response to the new packaging case that Genuine Lishi NightVision arrives in. Each case inter-locks together to form a carry case or a storage unit, and almost any shape and size of unit can be put together easily.

Our FREE Genuine Lishi App was also shown off, which gives you full access to the Genuine Lishi Community where you can also register a new tool, find a distributor or link to our social media pages!

It just shows that the 12 months we have taken to develop the Genuine Lishi NightVision range was worth all the investment, and now you will start to see NightVision at distributors throughout the USA!


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