Introducing the Night Vision Mascot – The Firefly Lucas

The latest addition to the Genuine Lishi family is the helpful right hand of the professional locksmith, the firefly Lucas. Representing the impressive Night Vision tools Lucas will help guide you even in the depth of night as you work.

Lucas the Genuine Lishi Night Vision Mascot

The Night Vision tools were developed to aid you on every job you go while using the new Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tools. Designed to provide just enough light onto the lock tool so you are able to easily read the cuts yet not blind you as you work the Night Vision tool takes the cake for the best attachment on the market today.

After 2 years of development the Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tools were released covering nearly all car locks and continuously being updated. Hand in hand the Genuine Lishi Night Vision tool range is also being updated to fit every Lishi 3in1 tool. Featuring small holes where the cut measurements are even when working in the darkest areas you will still be able to see the measurements clearly as you work. As the Night Vision tool attachment is easily and quickly fastened to the back of the Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tools you will never again waste time shuffling with a flashlight or struggling with keeping the light out of your eyes.

Genuine Lishi is known for developing impressive and unbeatable auto locksmith tools that are widely used by professional locksmiths for their high quality and overall innovative designs. We take common lock tools that professionals use on a daily basis and improve them in order to make the easier to work with, improve their speed, and give professionals the results there are looking for time and again.

The Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted and Genuine Lishi Night Vision tool attachment are a perfect example of the innovative designs Genuine Lishi is well known for. The Firefly Lucas will represent the Genuine Lishi NightVision tools with pride and give professionals a helping hand while working. Just like a real firefly the Genuine Lishi Night Vision lock tool attachment will guide your way as you work and provide you with the necessary light to continuously impress your customers with speed, precision, and professionalism. Visit our distributors page to find out where you can purchase the Genuine Lishi 3in1 tools and the impressive Genuine Lishi Night Vision.

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