Audi Genuine Lishi Auto Locksmith Tools

Choosing the right auto locksmith tool shouldn’t be difficult and Genuine Lishi has made everything possible to ease this process as much as possible. Find a variety of Audi Genuine Lishi Auto Locksmith Tools covering nearly all Audi models. Our goal is to have a tool for every car make and model and we are not far from our goal.

With lock tools such as the Genuine Lishi 3in1’s and their predecessors the Lishi 2in1 the Lishi name has become well known among professional locksmiths around the globe. In addition we offer the professional Genuine Lishi Deaders/Decoders developed for professionals that do not need to pick the lock but to simply get the readings of the grid, our wide range of very effective and comfortable to use Genuine Lishi Picks which are available either individually or in one of our fantastic handpick sets, and a number of other great lock tools and accessories for offering key cutting services.

Currently the Audi Genuine Lishi Auto Locksmith Tools range offers lock tools for the following models:

· 80/90 (1996)
· A4 (1995 – 1996)
· A6 (1995 – 1996)
· A8 (1995 – 1996)
· Audi Models (1996 – 2001)
· Audi Models (1996 onwards)
· Audi Models (2001 onwards)
· Cabrio (1995 to 1996)
· Coupe (1995 – 1996)
· Coupe S2 (1995 – 1996)
· S6 (1995 – 1996)

Whatever Audi Genuine Lishi Auto Locksmith Tool you are looking for you can certainly find it here based on the model of the vehicle or the lock. Each Genuine Lishi tool comes with a Lifetime Guarantee on possible faulty workmanship to ensure that each tool we sell is absolutely perfect. We strive to offer locksmiths innovatively designed lock tools that will help improve how they work, the way they spend their time, and certainly make their job slightly easier. We know the frustrations of working on the field and have developed auto locksmith tools to overcome the common problems locksmiths are faced with.

Choose Genuine Lishi and trust the quality and overall innovative designs that come with the trademark. Professionals around the globe choose us over all other because they know the Genuine Lishi tools work time and again and never disappoint. We have made finding the precise auto locksmith tool you need as easy as possible. Simply choose the car make and model or choose the lock type and you will be presented a list of lock tools developed to be compatible.

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