General Motors

General Motors Genuine Lishi Tools

General Motors is a common car make around the world and Genuine Lishi strives to offer a variety of tools to cover nearly all models.

The Lishi tools General Motors range features some of our most sought after lock tools such as the Genuine Lishi 3in1 DTI which just like the Lishi 2in1 tool is a combination of the two most widely used tools, the pick and decoder. The difference is that the Genuine Lishi 3in1 DTI also features picking and decoding for ignitions which was an added improvement based on numerous customer requests. Genuine Lishi has also developed the fantastic Genuine Lishi Key Cutter that is suitable not only for the Genuine Lishi Master and Slave Keys but also for standard keys. We also have a great range of individual picks and decoders and numerous other tools and accessories.

To find the tool you need simply chose the car make and model or the lock type and you will be redirected to a page specifically focused on your selection with a list of lock tools available. Once you have selected the tool you would like to purchase visit our Distributors page and we will help you find the nearest reseller of Genuine Lishi tools.

The Genuine Lishi tools range is suitable for the following General Motors models:

· Cadillac CTS (2008 onwards)
· Canyon
· Canyon (2004 – 2012)
· Hummer H3 (from 2005)
· Terrain (from 2010)
· Various other models from all years

In addition to the fantastic auto locksmith tools Genuine Lishi also offers a number of great training manuals and vices in order to help you perfect your skills. Genuine Lishi is recognized around the globe for the high quality tools and overall redevelopment of standard tools to overcome common issues on the field. Our goal is to make work easier and faster for professional locksmiths with lock tools that are focused on improving overall speed and success rates.

Choose Genuine Lishi today and you will get a higher value for money. The investment you make will continue to provide you with high returns longer than any other tool on the market as each Lishi tool is developed to last longer. Improve the way you work today and choose the brand that professional locksmiths have been turning to for years for better results while they work.

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