GM Brazil Genuine Lishi Tools

If you are based in Brazil or regularly work with Brazil made GM vehicles we have the GM Brazil Genuine Lishi Tools for you. Browse through the variety of great tools available and select those which are most needed to ensure your success in your trade.

Within our GM Brazil Genuine Lishi Tools range you will find some of our most sought after auto locksmith tools such as the latest Genuine Lishi 3in1 DTI. Just like its predecessor the Genuine Lishi 2in1 it is a combination of the two most popular auto locksmith tools, the pick and decoder. The difference is that the 3in1 Lishi tool features a patent protected strengthened blade which ensures that you can pick and decode ignitions as well.

Choose among other great Lishi tools as well such as our fantastic Genuine Lishi Key Cutter which is a perfect choice not only for the fantastic Genuine Lishi Master and Slave Keys but ideal for standard keys as well. If you are looking for more standard lock tools consider our individual picks or handpick sets as well as fantastic Genuine Lishi Decoders and Readers among numerous other lock tools and accessories.

We have set up an easy search system to help you find exactly what you need easier and faster. Simply choose the car make and model or select the lock type and you will be redirected to a page with all auto locksmith tools available based on your needs. Once you have found and selected the Lishi tool that best fits your needs visit our distributor’s page and find a reseller near you.

The GM Brazil Genuine Lishi Tools Range is available for the following GM models:

· Celta (2001)

· Corsa (1995 – 2001)

· Omega (1995 onwards)

· Zaffira (1999 to 2001)

The Genuine Lishi tool range developed for GM Brazil models also covers a number of great Genuine Lishi Training Manuals and User Guides and vices which will help you perfect your skills. Whichever Lishi tool you select you know you are getting only the best as Genuine Lishi is recognized around the globe by professional locksmiths as the best quality available.

Get high value for money by choosing Genuine Lishi tools today. Each Lishi tool is an investment towards your future and an impressive way to increase your earnings through speed and effectiveness. Choose the brand that professionals around the globe have selected for years because of their high quality, durability, effectiveness, and overall superb design and manufacturing.

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