Hino Trucks Genuine Lishi Tools

The Hino Trucks Genuine Lishi Tools range is a great way to start off if you are a novice locksmith or have just added Hino Trucks to the vehicles you service. With numerous great auto locksmith tools developed by Genuine Lishi specifically to make your job easier and faster you can’t go wrong.

Genuine Lishi is recognized among professional locksmiths around the world for the overall quality in both materials and manufacturing combined with development and innovative designs of each tool. One such impressive example is the Genuine Lishi 3in1 tool that was recently released. Developed as an upgrade form the Genuine Lishi 2in1 tools it can now offer not only picking and decoding abilities for doors and trunks but for ignitions as well. What makes it even better is that there is a specifically designed attachment for it that offers an innovative way to work at night. The Genuine Lishi Night Vision is the ultimate attachment to offer just enough light to get the precise cuts all the while not too much so as to blind you as you work.

Other great Genuine Lishi tools are the impressive Genuine Lishi Picks which may have a standard name but are far from bland. Developed for perfect balance, easy picking, and a variety of options so as to get the ideal pick for the job they are highly sought after among professionals. Another auto locksmith tool that has made Genuine Lishi a household name among professionals is the Genuine Lishi Reader and Decoder. With abilities to decode any lock within 3 minutes once mastered it is a great choice for those pushed for time.

The Hino Trucks Genuine Lishi Tools range offers a variety of tools for the following models:

· Medium Duty

Genuine Lishi also offers a number of fantastic User Guides and Training Manuals to help guide you as you work with your Lishi tools. They are jam packed with very useful tips and tricks to perfecting your skill and offer numerous how to guides for different lock types so as to cover as many topics as possible.

Genuine Lishi is a leading brand in the auto locksmith world because of the high quality and impressive Lishi tools designed to make a professional locksmiths life much easier and more profitable. With auto locksmith tools covering nearly all car makes and models Genuine Lishi even has a range for Hino Trucks models.

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