Honda Australia Genuine Lishi Tools

Genuine Lishi offers a variety of great non-destructive entry auto locksmith tools ideal for every professional. Easily the most recognized brand around the globe for high quality lock tools and accessories Genuine Lishi has grown to be the number one choice for professionals.

With fantastic Lishi tools like the recently released Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted combination tool of pick and decoder the brand has quickly jumped even further in popularity. Taking the Genuine Lishi 2in1 tools to the next level the 3in1 Lishi tools feature a strengthened extended blade which incorporates the patent protected “Anti Twist Support Collar” to prevent it from breaking or twisting as you work with ignitions it is easily the most universal tool on the market. For those that like to stick to the basics Genuine Lishi also has numerous fantastic Genuine Lishi Picks as well as some of the highest quality and most durable Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders. These are developed for success every time and ultimate speed.

The Honda Australia Genuine Lishi tools range covers the following models:

· Civic (2000)

· Commodore VE

· CRV (2002)

· Jazz (2001)

In addition to the above tools Genuine Lishi also has one of the most durable and strongest key cutters. The Genuine Lishi Key Cutter was initially developed to work primarily with the Genuine Lishi Master and Slave Keys however it is developed to be strong enough to cut standard replacement keys as well. You can also learn how to use all of your tools effectively on an expert level through any one of the Genuine Lishi User Guides and Training Manuals in combination with our variety of Genuine Lishi Vices and Genuine Lishi Training Locks. Each is developed to perfectly mimic any standard lock and give you real-life training options so you are always prepared should the time come.

Once you have selected the Lishi tool you will need simply visit our Distributors page and find one near you. When you have purchased your auto locksmith tool make sure you Register it to get a number of great benefits such as activating the Genuine Lishi Lifetime Guarantee.

Genuine Lishi is a recognized brand around the world for the quality and overall development and manufacturing of each auto locksmith tool. Used by professionals around the globe you will get results time and again as these tools will never let you down. The Honda Australia Genuine Lishi tools range will provide you with everything you need for non-destructive entry into any vehicle.

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