Honda Genuine Lishi Tools

Honda is a popular car make and Genuine Lishi has a fantastic range of auto locksmith tools to ensure you are never left unprepared. Featuring numerous high quality and well developed Lishi tools you will be able to always get the job done with ease and speed.

Developing auto locksmith tools with the goal to make the faster, easier to work with, and more durable than standard like tools is what Genuine Lishi is all about. Our latest release, the Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted, is a perfect example of exactly that. Offering a number of fantastic features and being one of the most universal tools on the market today you can pick and decode not only trunks and doors but ignitions as well. We still offer its predecessor, the Genuine Lishi 2in1.

For those looking to keep things simple and not learn working with a new tool the classic Genuine Lishi Reader and Decoders have had a major upgrade from standard tools on the market but are still very simple to use and offer results in less than 3 minutes once mastered. For standard picks go no further than the fantastic Genuine Lishi Picks range which offers everything you will ever need to succeed.

The Honda Genuine Lishi tools range offers a great array of auto locksmith tools for the following models:

· Accord (1999 onwards)

· Civic (2002 onwards)

· Civic (1990 – 1994)

· Civic (1997 – 2002)

· Coupe (2005 onwards)

· Crossroad (1994 – 1998)

· CRV (2006 onwards)

· CRV (1999 – 2002)

· FRV (2004 onwards)

· HRV (2005 onwards)

· HRV (1999 – 2000)

· Jazz (2001 onwards)

· Legend (1991 – 1994)

· Legend (2007 onwards)

· Legend (1997 – 1998)

· Logo (1999 – 2002)

· Odyssey (2003 onwards)

· Prelude (1997 – 2002)

· Ridgeline

· S2000 (2004 onwards)

· Shuttle (1995 – 2000)

· Stream (2003 onwards)

· Stream (2000 & 2002)

Genuine Lishi tools are among the highest quality and most sought after among professional locksmiths around the world. They are a fantastic option for professionals looking to boost their speed, success rate, and overall comfort as they work. There are a number of fantastic Genuine Lishi User Guides and Training Manuals along with Vices and Training Locks which are a great way to master your new Genuine Lishi tools and continuously impress your competition and clients as well.

Choose Genuine Lishi today and follow our user friendly search option which will allow you to easily and quickly find exactly what you need. Once you have found the ideal Honda Genuine Lishi tool visit our distributors and resellers page to get information as to where you can find it.

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