Honda USA Genuine Lishi Tools

USA Honda developed vehicles are constantly exported around the world and having the right Honda USA Genuine Lishi Tools is essential wherever you are located. These are some of the most met vehicles around the world and nearly every locksmith is faced with having to work with one at one point or other.

Genuine Lishi has a variety of great lock tools available to service specifically USA Honda models such as the impressive Genuine Lishi Readers and Decoders. They are designed to assure you with fast and precise cut measurements so that you can quickly get a replacement key either cut with a professional key cutting machine or our Genuine Lishi Key Cutter. There are numerous other great auto locksmith tools such as the newest Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tool which overcomes the one issue that Genuine Lishi 2in1 tools had, picking and decoding ignitions along with doors and trunks. Featuring the patent protected “Anti Twist Support Collar” the tool is unmatched among its competitors.

The Honda USA Genuine Lishi Tools range has a variety of great auto locksmith tools for the following models:

· Accord (2003 onwards)

· Civic (2003 onwards)

· CRV (2002 onwards)

· Element (2003 onwards)

· Odyssey (2003 onwards)

· Pilot (2003 onwards)

· Ridgeline (2005 onwards)

As Genuine Lishi continuously strives to add onto the variety of auto makes and models the auto locksmith tools work with new Lishi tools are continuously developed and released. We also offer a number of great Genuine Lishi Picks as well as our fantastic Genuine Lishi User Guides and Training Manuals along with Vices and Training Locks which help you master your lock tools on an expert level.

Once you have selected the Lishi tool that you need you can find a distributor in our Distributors page and don’t forget to Register the tool once you have purchased it to unlock a number of great benefits. Genuine Lishi tools are known for their quality around the world and are highly sought after by professional locksmiths. The Honda USA Genuine Lishi tools range is a great way to ensure that you are always ready whatever job may come.

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