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Genuine Lishi are the market leaders in vehicle opening tools that are in high demand among professions around the globe. We strive to make your experience on this site as easy and pleasant as possible ensuring that you don’t waste a minute finding what you need. To find the ideal vehicle opening tool you have two options either choose by Car Make and Model from the drop down boxes at the top right or if you know the keyway/car lock you can select it in the third drop down box.

When you’ve selected the keyway/car lock or car make and model you will be directed to a page that will present you with a list of the different tools we have. We have a fantastic range of Genuine Lishi Standard Picks, the Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tool range, and the exceptional Genuine Lishi 3-in-1 DTI Ignition Adjusted. We have also available the Revolutionary NIGHT VISION option for the 2-1 and 3-1 ranges, giving you even more choice to get the tool that is ideal for you. And now we have just launched the next generation of tools, the Genuine Lishi T3 Tools which use the most advanced coating technology. Below we will go into further detail on each of these tools so you can get a better idea of their uses, features, and what makes them the preferred choice for professional locksmiths.

Genuine Lishi T3 Tools


Genuine Lishi T3 is aimed at the most dedicated auto locksmith professional and stands for Tough, Technically-Advanced Tools. It offers the most advanced coating technology using a combination of titanium and other precious materials to give a pure black finish to the tools. It comes with an anonymous coding system, and so the tools are labelled with a ‘T’ code and not the name of the tool. With just the grid and this code visible on the tool, it would be very difficult for anyone else to know what tool you are using.


Patented Night Vision is now available from our ELITE Distributors
Print Night Vision effect small

Night Vision Tools are the brand new, patented, and revolutionary tools introduced to the market by Genuine Lishi. Completely different to standard Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 tools, the products in the Night Vision range incorporate the unique glowing feature which makes them more useful and valuable to you since they are able to be used in conditions which may be darker than usual.

Lishi Packaging small

To enhance the dramatic difference between the standard Genuine Lishi tools, the Night Vision tools have been packaged differently. Each tool comes in its own box tube with our mascot, Lucas the Firefly.

Around the outside of the box tube are the product details in the four most popular languages used in the world. These are English, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian.

Night Vision NE66_3

The box tube contains another plastic tube and an instructions leaflet. The tube itself provides you with another added advantage over the standard Genuine Lishi tools. Not only does this packaging give the Night Vision tools extra prevention from being damaged, but you are able to join the tube to other tubes to form a carry case or a wall hanging unit using the handle which can be purchased separately. This means you can easily store your various Genuine Lishi Night Vision tools, or standard Genuine Lishi tools as you are able to buy the Lishi tray separately too.

Night Vision NE66_3 NV tools small

The Night Vision tools come with two parts. The first is the tool itself which can either be 2-in-1 or 3-in-1, and the second is the yellow Night Vision Clip. A special paint has also been applied to the pick arms so that they also glow when they have been charged up. This means that the tools can be used successfully at times when light is limited.

On the back, the tools have a registration number on them and the link of the website.

Overall, the Genuine Lishi Night Vision range is the latest development of Genuine Lishi tools which means that you are able to use tools in all light conditions which you may face. So why not get the Fully Loaded Night Vision range powered by Genuine Lishi

Genuine Lishi 3-1 Ignition Adjusted DTI (Door, Trunk, Ignition)

3in1 (2 of 2)

The Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tool is the result of 12 years of hard work to re-design the original Genuine Lishi 2in1 auto opening tool so it doesn’t only pick and decode trunks and doors but the ignition as well. Though already low quality imitations are quickly picking up speed don’t be fooled as only the original Lishi tool features the Patent Pending “Anti-Twist Support Collar” which allows this tool to convert from a door tool to ignition auto locksmith tool in just a few seconds. Developed to be stronger, more durable, and effective it will work time and again without breaking or bending which, without the “ATSC” imitations will. Professional locksmiths are already raving about this fantastic compact lock tool and its effectiveness, speed, and ease of use.

Genuine Lishi 2in Pick and Decoder

HON58R 2-1

The Genuine Lishi 2in1 Pick and Decoder is a favourite auto locksmith tool among professionals around the globe due to its innovative design to combine to commonly used tools into one. Designed to pick and decode auto door locks and trunks once mastered a professional locksmith can easily complete the job within 3 minutes. Today most of the Genuine Lishi 2in1 Pick and Decoders have been upgraded and re-designed to the next generation, the Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted which is currently at, or minimal, additional cost.

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Genuine Lishi Readers/Decoders

YM15 2-1

If picking a lock opened is not required for a particular lock a great lock tool to use is the Genuine Lishi Pick/Decoder. It’s as simple as decode the lock, cut the key, and you are set. The Genuine Lishi Pick/Decoder has been developed for precision ensuring that once you get the cuts you know they are perfect. It’s a great auto opening tool if you offer mobile key cutting services with a lock tool such as the Genuine Lishi Cut-to-Code Mobile Key Cutting Machine. It’s a great budget key cutting machine which is the perfect choice for novice locksmith starting up in the trade or a professional that offers key cutting services only on occasion.

Genuine Lishi Picks


One of the best ways to get into the auto locksmith trade without making a big investment is with Genuine Lishi Picks. They are also an essential if you do not offer key cutting services, just non-destructive entry into vehicles through doors or trunks. Unlike the Genuine Lishi 2in1 and Genuine Lishi 3in1 tools they do require more training and a practiced touch as you will be finding the wafers blindly. The Lishi 2in1 and 3in1 tools feature wafer positions directly marked upon the grid itself which makes navigation much easier. Genuine Lishi picks range now covers most car make and model locks providing you a variety of options.

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Genuine Lishi Premium Tibbe Pick

Premium Tibbe Pick

Every professional locksmith absolutely must consider investing in a Genuine Lishi Premium Tibbe Pick. Easily the toughest Tibbe pick in the world it is designed to defeat the Tibbe pick on Ford vehicles and even covers some Jaguars. This Tibbe pick is able to decode the auto lock within seconds which in turn allows you to use the Tibbe Make Up Key to put together a fully effective key to get the door opened.

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Genuine Lishi Training Vice

Training Vice

Practice is key when it comes to using professional auto locksmith tools, especially with picking and decoding. Before you can start working in the field its essential that you invest in several practice locks and a training vice so you can perfect your skills. Designed to hold the lock in the exact position as it is on a vehicle the Genuine Lishi Training Vice will help give you the ultimate lock positions as you would find them at the roadside. Unlike other vices the Genuine Lishi Vice is specifically designed to give you as near as possible experience in defeating locks while out on the field.

Genuine Lishi Slave and Master Keys

Slave keys

Even if you don’t own a key cutting machine you can still cut a working key while out on a call. You can use the Genuine Lishi Slave and Master Keys together with the Genuine Lishi Key Cutter to cut them on location. All you need to do is decode the lock with either one of the 2in1 or 3in1 auto locksmith tools or a Genuine Lishi Reader/Decoder and simply cut the keys with the Genuine Lishi Key Cutter to the code. The whole process doesn’t take any more than several minutes. The result is a perfectly cut key that can open the auto trunk, door, and even in some vehicles that don’t have transponder chip security systems you can even start the ignition.

Genuine Lishi Key Cutter

Key Cutter

Make cuts with precision with the Genuine Lishi Key Cutter. This fantastic auto locksmith tool works in combination with the Genuine Lishi Master and Slave Keys and can also cut real key blanks resulting in a workable and accurate auto key in just minutes.

Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice

Flip Key vice

If you’ve ever had to cut new key blades for Flip Keys then you know very well how difficult and time consuming this can be. With the unique Genuine Lishi Flip Key Vice the process is not only simplified but its sped up allowing you to complete the job not in minutes, but in seconds.

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Training Guides and Manuals

Training KitTraining Manual 1Training Manual 3

If you want to succeed as a locksmith its essential you have the proper knowledge and training and nothing can offer more vital information than a Genuine Lishi Guide or Manual. Genuine Lishi has produced a variety of Training Kits and Manuals/User Guides which are designed specifically to help locksmiths better understand not only Genuine Lishi tools but the locks you will be working on. If you are serious about working as a professional auto locksmith and using Genuine Lishi tools they are a great investment towards your future and success.

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