Genuine Lishi T3 B107 Direct Reader

To order use code: T93-B107-READER

The Genuine Lishi T3 B107 Direct Reader has been designed for General Motors vehicles.

T3 stands for Tough, Technically-Advanced Tools. T3 Tools have been made with a strong and durable outer layer, primarily made up of titanium. The anti-glare, matt black finish and contrasting white grid has been used for easy reading even in the dark and the ‘T’ code labelled on the tool keeps the reader you’re using anonymous to everyone but you.


Each Genuine Lishi T3 Direct Reader comes with a compact case which labels both the lock and the ‘T’ code; to both protect your reader and enable you find your tool quickly.

Direct readers are a great choice if picking the lock isn’t required. It’s a simple as decode the lock, cut the key and you’re set.

Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3 Reference 4
IC Card 163
Silca Card 567
Silca Key Blank B100PT GM39 B107
ILCA key Blank B99
ILCO Key Blank B107
Keyline Key Blank B103 B99
JMA Key Blank GM25
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  • General Motors
    • Cadillac CTS (2008 onwards)