Genuine Lishi T3 HON66 BIKE 3-1Pick/Decoder

To order use code: T68-HON66-BIKE

The Genuine Lishi T3 HON66 BIKE 3-in-1 Pick and Decoder has been designed for Honda Bikes using the new high security key.

T3 stands for Tough, Technically-Advanced Tools. T3 Tools have been made with a strong and durable outer layer, primarily made up of titanium. The anti-glare, matt black finish and contrasting white grid has been used for easy reading even in the dark and the ‘T’ code labelled on the tool keeps the pick/ decoder you’re using anonymous to everyone but you.


Each Genuine Lishi T3 3in1 Tool comes with a compact case which labels both the lock and the ‘T’ code; to both protect your pick/ decoder and enable you find your tool quickly.

Designed to pick and decode auto door locks, trunks and the ignition as well, once mastered a professional can easily complete the job within 3 minutes with a Genuine Lishi 3in1 Pick/ Decoder.

Reference 1 Reference 2 Reference 3 Reference 4
IC Card 982 1341
Silca Card 1587 2354
Silca Key Blank HON66
ILCA key Blank HOVO1
ILCO Key Blank HOVO1
Keyline Key Blank HD1U HD1B
JMA Key Blank
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  • Honda Motorbikes
    • Models using the new high security key