Explore the Variety of Innovative Vehicle Opening Tools from Genuine Lishi

Genuine Lishi are the market leaders in vehicle opening tools that are in high demand among professions around the globe. We strive to make your experience on this site as easy and pleasant as possible ensuring that you don’t waste a minute finding what you need. To find the ideal vehicle opening tool you have two options either choose by Car Make and Model from the drop down boxes at the top right or if you know the keyway/car lock you can select it in the third drop down box.

When you’ve selected the keyway/car lock or car make and model you will be directed to a page that will present you with a list of the different tools we have. We have a fantastic range of Genuine Lishi Standard Picks, the Genuine Lishi 2-in-1 tool range, and the exceptional Genuine Lishi 3-in-1 DTI Ignition Adjusted. We have also available the Revolutionary NIGHT VISION option for the 2-1 and 3-1 ranges, giving you even more choice to get the tool that is ideal for you. And now we have just launched the next generation of tools, the Genuine Lishi T3 Tools which use the most advanced coating technology.

Genuine Lishi T3 Tools Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools Standard Genuine Lishi Tools
Genuine Lishi T3 Tools  Genuine Lishi Night Vision Tools  Standard Genuine Lishi Tools 
Genuine Lishi Blind Picks Genuine Lishi Tibbe Decoder Genuine Lishi Training Manuals
Genuine Lishi Blind Picks  Genuine Lishi Tibbe Decoder  Genuine Lishi Training Manuals 
Genuine Lishi Accessories
Genuine Lishi Accessories 

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