Genuine Lishi T3 Tools


The Genuine Lishi T3 Tools are aimed at the most dedicated auto locksmith professional and stands for Tough, Technically Advanced Tools. They utilise the most advanced coating technology using a combination of titanium and other precious materials to create a strong and durable outer layer. Titanium as a material is known for its strength, which is why T3 picks and decoders are tougher than any other tools on the market. Their anti-glare, matt black finish and white, contrasting grid makes them extremely easy to read.

Genuine Lishi T3 tools come with an anonymous coding system so you can be confident the customer doesn’t know which tool you are using. Tools are labelled with a ‘T’ code and not the name of the tool, and with just the grid and this code visible, it would be very difficult for anyone else to know what tool it is.

Each Genuine Lishi T3 tool comes with a compact case which labels both the lock and the ‘T’ code. This makes it easy to find which tool you need for a job. Not only does this packaging give your T3 tools extra protection from damage, but you are able to join the tube with others to form a carry case or a wall hanging unit using the handle which can be purchased separately.

Genuine Lishi T3 Box