Genuine Lishi Tibbe Decoder

The Genuine Lishi Tibbe Decoder comes in either 8 cut for Jaguar or a 6 cut for Ford vehicles and is a must have for every auto locksmith professional.

Tibbe Decoder

These tibbe decoders are easily the toughest on the market. The 6 cut decoder is user friendly, made with stainless steel for additional strength and also has a built in decoding gauge. Once the lock has been decoded it is recommended that you use the Ford Tibbe Make up Key.

The 8 cut decoder is designed on the same principle as the 6 cut, using the same style of turners; there are 8 turners with 3 heights instead of the standard 6 turners with 4 heights. The decoder is ideally used with a makeup key or a cut to code new key.

Take a look at our video and learn how to use the Genuine Lishi 8 Cut Tibbe Decoder: