Genuine Lishi Training Manuals

If you want to succeed in any profession you need to have the proper training and knowledge and locksmithing is no exception. Nothing can prepare you more for success then our guides or manual.

Training Manuals

With our extensive range of Genuine Lishi Training Manuals you’ll be able to get the absolute best from your tools; you will learn how to use them properly and how to get locks open efficiently and with speed. The Complete Genuine Lishi 2in1 Guide, which is also available in 2 volumes, will have you understanding how these tools interact with the locks when you are picking and decoding. You’ll be shown how to find the code and the remaining missing cuts. The guides also cover a number of tools, locks and vehicles and will have you using your Genuine Lishi 2in1 tools to an extremely high standard in no time at all.

If you want an even more comprehensive insight into using the Genuine Lishi tools, as well as hints and tricks from industry leading auto locksmith Martin Pink, then the complete Genuine Lishi User Manual is a must! With over 200 pages and multiple picture how to guides, as well as vital tool and lock information, this guide is perfect to advance your skills to an expert level.

All of our Genuine Lishi Training Manuals are readable, understandable and easy to follow.