Genuine Lishi Night Vision HON58R is Now in Stock!

We are working as fast as possible to introduce and develop new lock tools to meet all locksmiths’ needs and the release of the HON58R Genuine Lishi Night Vision is welcomed news by many professionals working with HON58R locks.


Guided by the new Genuine Lishi Night Vision attachment for Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted tools professional locksmiths will be able to easily and quickly work even in low lit areas without straining to read the cuts. Attached to the back of the Lishi 3in1 auto locksmith tool the Genuine Lishi Night Vision lights the openings located at each cut of the Lishi 3in1 tool allowing you to read clearly the numbers without blinding.

After over 2 years of development the Genuine Lishi Night Vision is continuously released for a variety of Lishi 3in1 tools. Different Genuine Lishi Tools have different cuts and seizes which requires a different sized Genuine Lishi Night Vision. Such is the case with the HON58R which is why we are so proud to announce that the Genuine Lishi Night Vision is now in stock for this popular lock type.

Choosing the right auto locksmith tools is just as important as choosing who will represent you to your clients as your lock tools help you succeed. With that said Genuine Lishi is widely popular around the globe with professional locksmiths for the innovative designs and high quality of the tools. Each lock tool is carefully developed and manufactured to ensure it is of the highest quality, lasts longer, and presents locksmiths exactly what they are looking for.

Success comes with the right training and auto locksmith tools and the innovative Genuine Lishi Night Vision HON58R is a great choice for professionals working with the HON58R Genuine Lishi 3in1 Ignition Adjusted lock tool. Genuine Lishi is known for the nigh quality to and impressive designs of each auto locksmith tool. Simply visit the Distributors page to find out more about where you can purchase this and the rest of the Genuine Lishi lock tool range and once you have purchased any of our tools be sure to Register them to unlock numerous excellent benefits such as the Lifetime Guarantee.

Professionals around the world choose Genuine Lishi to ensure their success in the trade. Find the HON58R Genuine Lishi Night Vision by using the code NVLIshi3-1HON58R at any of our distributors.

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