Genuine Lishi Freedom Plan

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We want to give something back to the US locksmiths as a thanks for your tremendous support over the last 6 years!

We believe that every US Locksmith would like to buy our Genuine Lishi Night Vision tools. But we know that it takes training and practise to use the tools…

And so we are now announcing re-launch of our Genuine Lishi Academy in the USA. The Genuine Lishi Academy was set up 6 years ago in the UK, and to date we have trained scores of auto locksmiths. But we are now setting the Academy up again in the USA, but with a MASSIVE difference.

Our  Genuine Lishi Freed Plan Academy Training is going to be totally and utterly FREE!

You will not have to pay a single dime to come to our Genuine Lishi Training events we are now planning to set up all over the USA! Over the next few weeks we will be announcing the names of the industry renowned US Auto Locksmith Experts who have agreed to be our authorized Trainers!!!

To lodge your interest in training, and to suggest a convenient venue please fill in the form below. Just fill in your name, e mail address, telephone number and address, and in the message box please put the venue location you would ideally like and we will keep you informed as soon as a venue is booked!

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Free Locksmith Training via the Genuine Lishi Freedom Plan will be offered in different cities throughout the US via our Approved Genuine Lishi Distributors. We will be paying all the Training costs, so all you have to do is Register for your chosen event, and turn up on the day. Should you wish to stay over at any venue then we will of course be organising discounted rates at local hotels or the venue itself.

What we would like from you is to help us select the towns and cities convenient to you, so we can then work quickly to contract with the venues we need and assess the numbers of Trainees.

Whilst our training will obviously focus on auto entry, we will also cover Key Cutting, enabling you to have a good grounding in gaining access to a vehicle right through to cutting a working key.